24Karrot Rabbits

Steel Blue Buck ~2 Leg (Wins)
Sire Springbrooks Curious George
Dam Springbrooks Briar Rose
Bumblebees Snoopy
MK`s Ice Princess
Ruby-Eyed White Doe BOS 5/11/08 Waterloo
Sire Angels Mickey ~ 2 Legs
Dam Huntersridge Sassy ~ 1 Leg
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Ariel & Snoopy
 English Angora

Blue Tort Buck 
Parents :
Bumblebees Snoopy
MK`s Ice Princes

24Karrot OrangeCrush
Princess Dad
Princess Mom
 Reg. Huntersridge Sassy-2 legs
(Reg. Silvertone Jester and Lorch's 
Chocolate Dream)
Rew- 50% Sivlertone Breeding
Sassy's Sire Silvertone Jester is the 
littermate to Silvertone Carmella the
BOG at ARBA and has the same sire as 
the 2005 BIS Arba winner. She is the 
half sibling the the 2007 BOS  winner
at Angora nationals Countryside 
Mohammond and the 2007 BIS Youth
winner Countryside Pairis shown by 
Collin Burns, and the 2008 BOV winner
Huntersridge Kipper shown by
Kristine Leverich at Angora Nationals.

Sold to Bayleigh
24Karrot Rain
 Grand Champion MK`s Mirabella
MK`s Godiva
Blue Pointed White Doe~ 50 % Silertone Breeding
Won 3 legs       DOB 8-27-08

Mirabella`s Mom 
REG MK`s Hallie ~ Chocolate
1 Leg
     Mirabella`s Dad REW
REG GCH Huntersridge Kipper
 2008 National Angora Show 
Best of Variety White winner          
Chocolate Tort Doe  

              Godiva`s Dad
Reg GCH MK`s BluesClues Blue      4 legs 
         Godiva`s Mom 
Reg GCH MK`s Snowbelle 
Chocolate Pointed White 4 legs

Show Quality

Lilac Buck  3 legs   DOB 2-26-2007 
Sire Angel`s Encore Tort-Lilac 7 Legs
Dam Angel`s Heaven   REW    1 Leg

Grand Champion Angel`s Mickie
Grand Champion Lilac Buck
Past babies sold
           Pointed White-Chocolate Buck

24Karrot Kopiko
24Karrot Azul

   Blue Point Buck
Mirabella & Snoopy

             Chocolate Doe DOB 11-212009
BOB Lafayette Angora Specialty 4/2010 (leg) BOS Lafayette 4/2010 (leg)
GBF's Mozart (Choc) x May's Adrian (Choc Agouti)
GBF Taffeta
I am unable to show pic of Mirabella`s dad because Kippers breeder asked to take his pic off my site.
Baby Pic
Adult Pic
Broken Lilac Doe
Chocolate Chin Buck
Broken Tort-Lilac Doe
Bumblebees Biscotti Choclatair
Bumblebees Viola
Bumblebees Barbi
Barbi & Viola`s Parents
Bumblebees Baci       Bumblebees Franchesca
Tort-Blue Buck
Very excited to have added a broken lilac and broken 
choc/tort does and a chocolate chin buck to my breeding program from Illinois , Thanks Carissa
24Karrot Reeses

I Do Ship 

TLH Cinderella
Pointed White-Chocolate
24Karrot SwissMiss
Chocolate Doe
24Karrot Nestle
Broken Tort-Lilac
Chinchilla-Blue Doe
24Karrot Winny
Broken Blue Buck $125
1 yr old Chocolate Tort Buck 
Pedigreed $100
Chocolate-Chin Buck $100
White Doe $100
Broken Chocolate Doe $125
Broken Cream Buck $125
Newbys Azul
Broken Blue Buck
24Karrot Java
Chocolate Buck
Lilac-Tort Doe $100
Broken Chocolate Doe $125
Sold to Amanda