24Karrot Rabbits
  Jersey Woolies

3R`s Daxter
3R`s Polly
3R`s Andi
Smoke Pearl Doe
Weight 2.02 lb
Ear Lenth 2 in
Broken Black Doe
Weight 2.1 lb
Ear Lenth 2 in
Black Buck
Weight 2.1 lb
Ear Lengh 2 in
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3R`s Violet
24Karrot Tiny Bluberry
Lilac Silver Martin Doe
Weight 2.3 lb
Ear Lengh 2 1/4 in
Broken Blue Buck
Weight 1.11 lb
Ear Lengh 1 3/4 in
I Do Ship
Broken Chocolate Doe
Weight 2.4 lb

Chocolate Doe
Weight : 2.5 lb

24Karrot Cannoli
24Karrot Cappuccino
2 Past Sold Babies from Violet
Sold to Tiffany
Sold to Lisa
Broken Blue Doe
Weight 2.5 lb

24Karrot JellyBean
Chocolate Buck
3 R`s Vinny

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Stout`s Pepper
REW Buck

$20 no Pedigree or $40 Pedigreed
$20 no Pedigree or $40 Pedigreed