24Karrot Rabbits
Color: DM Tort-Blue
Ear Lenth : 2 1/2 in
Weight : 3.01 lb
3R`s Romeo
Color : DM Blue
Sex : Doe
Ear Lengh: 2 1/4 in
Weight 2.14 lb

3R`s Ambrosia

Whispering Hill Vinita
Color: DM Blue Tort 
Sex: Doe
Ears Length: 3 in
Weight: 2 3/4 lb
 Lionhead  babies   $40 Each  
All chocolates $60
$20 for a Pedigree.
Pic after litter
REW Buck
Weight : 2.02 lb
Ear Lengh : 2 1/4 in
BOS BOV  6/19/08 Duncan

REW  Doe
Weight : 3.06
Ear Lengh : 3 in

Black Doe
Weight: 2.12 lb
Ear Lenth : 2 1/2 in
BOV 6/20/08 Duncan
Blue Doe

Mossypossum Kenya
Pridelands Blue Deliah
Mossypossum Puffy
Mossypossum Obsidean Stone
3R`s Oreo
Broken Black Buck
Weight : 1.15 lb
Ear Lengh : 1 3/4 in
Blue Eyed White Doe
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Himalayan Chocolate Point/Cream Buck
(Self Chocolate Eyes)
ManeFames CheeseCake
ManeFrames Marty
Himalayan Chocolate Point /Cream Doe (Self Chocolate Eyes)
ManeFrames Bruins
ManeFrames Morghan
Chocolate Buck
Sired by KC Java who sired the 2009 Statler Winner and lines found in the pedigrees of winning chocolate LH's all across the country.

ManeFrames Akayla
Broken Chocolate Doe
ManeFrames Octavia
24Karrot Pandora
24Karrot White Diamonds
24Karrot PomPom
Black Doe
Parents Vinita/Oreo
Parents Puffy/Odsidean
Broken Black Doe 
Parents Deliah/Oreo
Specializing in Show Quality Bunnies 

24Karrot Vorta
Blue Point Buck
Parents Vinta & Romeo

Pic after having babies
most of her mane gone from making a nest
email me
 Call Janelle  

Broken Black Doe
Parents Ambrosa & Oreo
24Karrot Shiraz
DM Blue Tort Doe
Parents 3R`s Romeo
Whispering Hill Vinita
24Karrot Romeo Too
Located in Northwest Arkansas

24Karrot Blue Pearl
Blue Point Doe
Parents 24Karrot Romeo Too
Whispring Hill Vinita
Kenya FOR SALE $85

Chocolate Doe

Chocolate Doe $60
$80 with a Pedigree
White Buck $40
$60  with a Pedigree
Broken Black Buck $40
$60 With a Pedigree
Chocolate Buck $60 
$80 with a Pedigree 
I Do Ship
Orange Buck
$40 no Pedigree
$60 Pedigreed
Blue Buck 
$40 no Pedigree
$60 Pedigreed
Orange Doe
$40 no Pedigree
$60 Pedigreed
Black Doe
$40 no Pedigree
$60 Pedigreed

Black Buck
$40 no Pedigree
$60 Pedigreed
Baby Lionhead Buns Available now and Ready as of Aug 10th 2015